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Olein Refinery & Lubricants is an American company established in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico that recovers and re-refines used oil and manufactures motor oil, synthetic oil, transmission fluid, and other automotive fluids.

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Established in 2007, Olein Refinery & Lubricants (“Olein”) is a privately held company that specializes in the production of base oils and blended lubricants through re-refining of used waste. It has the processing capacity of 10 million gallons of used oil per year. Through a technical service department and on-site laboratory that ensures only the highest-quality products, Olein has continued to innovate with synthetic oils, high-TBN fleet lubricants, and specialty industrial oils.
Olein’s advanced facility boasts some of the fastest and most innovative equipment available. Olein blends and packages over 1,00 different products for liquids of all sizes ranging from 8oz to full-sized tankers. In addition to having six complete lines of our own–Brava Lubricants (*Add Link to Brava website*), Golden Supreme (*Add Link to Golden website*), Cristal Products (*Add Link to Cristal website*), ProLube, Super Premium, and Monster Oil– we also blend and package private label products for various international oil companies, automotive retailers, and programmed distribution groups.
Moreover, Olein is the first plant to use the leading-edge technology described as “hydro processing” in order to produce more stable and higher quality base oil and lubricants. Due to our advanced technologies– both, energy-efficient and environmentally beneficial– we are able to produce Group II base oil. All of our products are fully certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).
In 2017, Olein will be producing its own clean electricity with Siemens Dresser-Rand Reciprocating compressor.

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